Nishma is an international artist/painter. Her works has been showcased in many prominent art fairs and galleries on Toronto, Montreal and in an artist residency in India. As an artist she studied music, dance and theatre since she was a child. She has expressed herself in many art forms but painting for her is her raw unbiased artistic expression of how she views life and the world. For her, the mind, heart and soul as well as artistic expression is ever progressive and in constant evolution. Inspired by Life, she continues to express that aspect of evolution through her artistic expression. 


Her creative expression as a painter started with Mandalas. Mandalas meaning circle in sanskrit gives a sense of wholeness representing cycles in life. They have been used for centuries in spiritual contexts in ancient civilizations to modern psychiatric healing showing its might and power on the human mind.


Her works are ever evolving. After her trip to India, her works have moved more towards abstraction, still inspired by circles, she conceptualizes them exploring the human conditions which are universal and connects us all.

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2019 Downtown Art Walk, Inspire Gallery, Medicine Hat,             Alberta, Canada 

2017 Nishma's Art Showcase, Solo Exhibit, Portland Market,            Toronto, Canada

2017 Small Art Big Hearts.2, Waddington's, Toronto, Canada

2016 New Group Show, Gallery Hittite, Toronto, Canada

2016 Panchabhutaism, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

2015-2016 Holiday Show, The Spoke Club, Toronto, Canada

2015 Myths, The Spoke Club, Toronto, Canada

2015 Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto, Canada

2014-2015 Holiday Show, The Spoke Club, Toronto, Canada

2014 Stimulus Response, Gallery DeGoede, Toronto, Canada

2014 Youth Day, Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto, Canada

2014 Summer Art Showcase, Montreal Art Centre

2014 Toronto Art Expo, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada

2013 Hooked, Moniker Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2013 Art Galleria Expo, Tattoo Rock Parlour, Toronto, Canada 


2016 Kalanirvana Creatives, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

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